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5C Smokehouse

Owners of 5C Smokehouse

My name is Joe Campbell.  I am the middle child of 5 boys.  We grew up in the small west Texas town of Rule, TX.  Our Dad, Leroy Campbell, had a love of cooking & bbq-ing like no one else. Everyone knew The Campbell's House was where the party was after the football games every Friday night.  This usually carried into the weekends where there was always something on the grill!  We were the local hang-out of sorts.  My Dad had a unique way with seasonings and sauces and that pit.

Although Dad has been gone for a few years now, the cooking gene was instilled into the 5 of us boys (along with a little help from our Mom, Frankie).  As we got older and went our own ways, we would get together occasionally on the weekends to try our hands at competitions. Although we were there to win, it was the time with family that meant the most.  After some time and fine-tuning, we started winning. People started paying attention when we pulled up. 

Dad of Joel Campbell
Michael and Braden Campbell

From the cook-off circuit, the natural progression was into catering.  I, along with my wife & kids, started a successful catering business. Although I have now transitioned my focus towards our seasonings and sauces, the catering business is still operating today. I have passed down the cooking genes and the catering business to my sons Michael and Braden to carry on the family tradition and they continue to proudly do so. 

Our focus now is the seasonings & sauces business.  I worked very hard at putting everything I have learned into a bottle. Countless hours have been spent mixing, measuring, and perfecting these 6 seasonings and 2 sauces.  We think we have the most compete line of seasonings & sauces to help take your kitchen, backyard, or competition to the next level.  We hope you all enjoy them as much as we have enjoyed creating them and that they will help you create some “family time” of your own.  

Thank you for supporting our family business!

Family Owned & Operated
Award Winning
2018 Top Taste Winner
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